Vapor Abrasive Blasting

We were the first to bring Vapor or Wet Blasting to Saskatoon in 2013. It has the advantage over dry blasting in that it reduces dust and results in a cleaner, smoother, ready-to-coat finish, with no particles embedded in the surface or in clinging dust. Using Vapor blasting, we have successfully removed paint and rust from a variety of surfaces including numerous vehicle restorations, concrete remediation, buildings, wood and many other surfaces since.

Sound Proofing & Fire Proofing

We are pleased to offer a superior sound and fire proofing service using Pyrok Acoustement. This durable and attractive finish is widely utilized in both construction and renovation of schools, universities, and other public and private institutions. Pyrok Acoustement 40 is a Portland cement-based product compatible with unpainted concrete, masonry, and steel substrates. More Information

Masonry being cleaned.
Car having paint removed with wet blasting media.

Automotive Surface Blasting

We easily remove paint and bondo filler off of this 1962 Cutlass. Using our revolutionary wet blasting techniques we can perform the job in an economic and environmentally friendly way, without any risk to the work surface. Watch our video Here


Yellow road line marking being removed by wet abrasive blaster.

Road Surfaces

The Geo Blasting process is excellent for removing calcium stains and mildew. Even rubber skid marks, oil and antifreeze stains, gum, and painted line stripes can be removed from concrete or asphalt on driveways, parking lots, highways and streets, as well as on airport runways.


A worker is using a wet blaster to clean metal siding.

Siding and Decks

Using our revolutionary wet blasting techniques we can perform any surface preparation job that you have in an economic and environmentally friendly way including removing dirt, pollutants, and street grime from commercial and residential sidings, decks and other surfaces.


Masonry being cleaned.


Geo Blasting is the perfect tool for cleaning and de-painting any type of masonry. Whether it be bricks, cinder blocks, stone, or concrete, Geo Blasting can be used safely and effectively. We can quickly remove simple graffiti, or even several layers of paint at once. The Geo Blasting process is also excellent for removing calcium stains and mildew.


Graffiti on a brick wall.

Graffiti Removal

Mobile wet blasting, is the only way to safely remove graffiti without damaging the surface underneath. We currently run two different blasting systems. Both our systems use low psi and crushed recycled glass and water which is 100% inert and cools the surface as it removes the unwanted materials.


Ford Raptor rim freshly resurfaced.

Custom Blasting

There are myriad uses for our restoration resources including home, commercial and industrial applications using two different blasting systems of low psi and crushed recycled glass and water. Although we have listed our most common activities here, we can always accommodate your unique requirements. Please contact us for a quote.